The wind at Sennen finally dropped yesterday.  I’d spotted the Tarans of the AB4B team in the harbour, but unfortunately didn’t meet the paddlers.  Good luck Lee and Nick ! 

A few miles after leaving Sennen, I realised that I had left my trolley wheels on the beach because I am an idiot.  I paddled back to find the helpful lifeguard waving one of the wheels at me, but the other had washed away.  So much for leave no trace.  I am now temporarily trollyless.

The spring tide helped make up for the delay, and it was a beautiful day to paddle past some amazing Cornish coastline.  I stopped on Crantock beach near Newquay.  The weather looks good again today.

3 Replies to “Newquay”

  1. Guy,
    I’m just waiting for you to stop! I have never followed anyone like this before, and you have had shit weather, worst in your lifetime perhaps.
    It was never going to be easy as your Anglesey trips promised. Its one one the hardest challenges around, even more, doing it alone.
    But stop pratting about, get miles everyday, even when its shit. If you can hold onto the paddle, you can canoe.

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