Finished !!

Departure: 3rd March

I paddled the last few miles yesterday, weaving my way through all the punts on the Cam to arrive back at the mill pond in Cambridge where I had left 204 days earlier.

Arrival: 22nd September

Thanks to everyone who came to see me arrive, and all the encouraging comments while I was paddling round.  After dreaming about doing this for years, the reality exceeded my expectations – a fantastic way to spend the year.

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  1. Guy no mistaking which is the before and after photo!
    Congratulations on completing this great adventure.

    After six months fully immersed in nature, the return to civilization will be quite a change.

    All very proud of you

    Hugh, Caroline, Julian, Emma and Lucy

  2. Guy i don’t follow face book or any blogs, but some how your trip has simply captured my imagination and i have been quietly looking at your blog most days if not every day! (What is every body going to do now, can you go round again?)

    A fantastic trip, congratulations! I suppose i better start negotiations with the family for my own adventure. Wish me luck!

  3. FANTASTIC WELL DONE. I think it was the 2 cheese cobs and the Mr Kippling cakes that did it for you on the last part of your trip. Congrats The South Landing 5 Rob Pat Vicki Steve and Enya the hound.

  4. Congratulations on finishing. Well done for sticking at it and beating the good old British Weather. It seems a very long time since we and the dogs last saw you pop your head out of your tent at California. It must seem even longer to you!

  5. Viele Glückwünsche aus Deutschland, Gettorf bei Kiel
    Was für ein Weg! Was für ein Erlebnis!
    Auf unserer Schottlandreise durften wir Dich am 24./25.08. in Inverbervie auf dem dortigen Campingplatz treffen und staunend zusehen, wie Du wieder am Sonntag in See gestochen bist.
    Was für eine Reise! Sie bleibt Dir für immer!

    Viele Grüße André & Tina

  6. May I add my congratulations on your impressive achievement.
    We met on the deserted beach at Lantic Bay in Cornwall as the weather closed in.

    Your ambition prompted me to follow your progress with increasing admiration.

    Your reward will be an inexhaustable fund of memories and the knowledge that you touched so many other lives.

  7. Well done Guy. Its been great following your progress since we met you on the beach outside

    Life may well seem very sedate for a while after your epic journey

  8. Sorry, I hit the wrong button!!!

    Anyway, its been a pleasure checking in to watch your progress over the months since we met you at Climping.

    If you ever decide to canoe around the World let us know so that we can travel again with you.

    Every best wish for the future.

    Sandra & Paul, The Water Carriers,

  9. Huge congratulations Guy, Bravo! a really outstanding achievement! So glad it exceeded your expectations. Nick and Pa – AB4B.

  10. Guy, I’m the bicycle rider, we met at that old harbor in northern Scotland where we both ended the day there to camp. I’m glad you made it safely. Must of had the wind at your back as I think your were talking maybe October because of delays. I made my way through England, Holland, some of demark, part of sweden and across Norway. Typing this from the airport in Oslo, on to Dublin and back to the states. So glad you were able to finish your excellent adventure, how great is that to reflect on! All the best! Kevin…

  11. Congratulations Guy. Hope you are enjoying the rest and that you’re handling the lifestyle change. Hopefully catch you soon…

  12. Congratulations Guy. You quietly got on and completed your journey. It was a privilege to meet you on Anglesey. I would love to meet up again and perhaps paddle with you. You must have strong shoulders now.
    best wishes

    John Perrott

  13. Hi! We were watching the Magdalen Bore from Magdalen bridge the day before you arrived back home when you suddenly appeared as a speck in the distance. You were following the Bore as it pushed its way up the Ouse from Kings Lynn. We didn’t believe it when you called up to us that you had just rowed around The British Isles but looked you up and all we can say is well done! We have an Ocean going Kayak but not sure if we are up to doing what you have done, a paddle about in the sea in Cornwall is about all we can manage!

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Upstream to Upware


There was a lovely sunrise this morning, but I rested for a while before setting off.  Feels strange not having to think about the tide or the weather.

I stopped at a nice friendly pub at Brandon Creek for a good lunch.  Very handy to be able to moor the kayak in the beer garden.

My rudder cable broke today (I think due to chafing on the trolley wheels which I stow just infront of the pedals).  Good think it lasted until today as I don’t have a spare and can manage without the rudder on the river.

The moon rose shortly after the sunset and I kept paddling until it was fairly dark.  Not far to go now.

Thanks for all the comments and donations today – I didn’t realise so many people are still reading this.  I’ll be adding a few more posts yet, including the timelapse video that I’ve been making during the journey.

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  1. Well done Guy. Inspiring stuff. Met you on the beach at Cromer, also my father is the harbour master at Felixstowe Ferry. Cannot get to Cambridge today but many congrats. Enjoy your rest! Barrie.

  2. Guy, what an adventure. Your trip has been an inspiration and your dogged determination to paddle for over six months is remarkable. And you saw a MInke Whale! Fantastic. Have a good rest.

    Rupert Kirkwood (and family….who popped in to say hello way back in May when you were camping at Crackington Haven)

    p.s I’ve booked three months off work next summer already!

  3. Many many Congratulation’s Guy on a huge achievement, you can be justly proud of your mammoth journey. I shall miss following your blog. Enjoy your home coming. Jean & Simon

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It is definitely an island !


The spring tide this morning sneaked round behind my tent (as I was camped on a salt marsh) and was lapping up against the guy lines as I was packing away.

I left early in the ebb which meant I was having to paddle against the tide as I crossed The Wash, but this allowed me to reach the start of the Lynn Channel near low water, so I could make good use of the flood going up the river – I was going upstream at up to 8 knots !

As I passed King’s Lynn, I paddled under a bridge for the first time since March.  It’s quite strange to be back on the river again.  I stopped at Denver Sluice where I portaged onto the non-tidal river.  I’m now lying in my tent listening to owls, but I can’t hear the sea anymore.  Very pleased to have made it, but also a little bit sad that this wonderful journey is coming to an end.

Thanks to everyone that donated today – brilliant !

I’ll be arriving back where I started – at the mill pond in Cambridge – at 3pm on Sunday.  Come join me for a drink in The Mill to celebrate.

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  1. Simply wonderful Guy. Met you outside the harbourmasters cottage at Felixstowe Ferry when you had been stranded there by continuous strong raw easterlies when your journey had barely started. Great stuff.

  2. Wow! Congratulations!!! I can’t believe this (crazy) journey has come to an end! Also~congratulations on making it past the 6 month mark, to “get into the rhythm of it.” 🙂 What a brilliant adventure you have been on! I wonder what it will be like to settle back into “civilization” now. Keep a blog on that. 🙂 Well done–what a remarkable feat! Lots of love, Shana

  3. Dear Guy, we met when you arrived at Budleigh all those months ago- many congratulations on the completion of a huge achievement! We have enjoyed following your blog and will rather miss checking to see your progress. Well done you!
    Steve and Sonia

  4. Congratulations. I am Jane Morton’s Mum, of Jane and Andy double sea kayak fame. They finished their circumnavigation on 26th August and since then I’ve been following your progress down the east coast. Well Done !!!

  5. Congratulations Guy! I met you at Blakeney, not long after you started and have been following your adventure since. I was hoping to see you paddle past King’s Lynn, but wasn’t able to. Well done for raising so much money for such great causes. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, it’s been very inspiring and I hope to do a similar expedition soon!
    All the best. George

  6. Well, Guy,

    as from tomorrow you are and can call yourself a FOUR SEASON PADDLER.

    Great journey, congratulations. Enjoy the last moments of it, they are special, as soon they would be gone.
    But then, lots of other will come.

  7. Well done seafarer first class. Time has flown since we checked you out in Offshore Response off the North Wales Windfarms. Amazing effort. Have enjoyed following your progress.

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Gibraltar Point


Day 200 (!) … After sheltering in the dunes at Mablethorpe during several days of gales, the wind dropped a bit today and I paddled to Gibraltar Point, just south of Skegness.

There was still a pretty strong crosswind while paddling today and I had to keep the boat pointed towards the beach all the way to avoid being blown too far offshore.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more of this trip left.  I’m now in a good position to cross The Wash to rejoin the river at King’s Lynn, although I’m not sure I want to do that during the headwind forecast for tomorrow.

(Thanks very much to the Kirkwood family for the latest donation – much appreciated).

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  1. I expect you will be very sad to actually finish your fantastic trip, just as Andy & Jane were…BUT it is a fantastic thing you have done! I have really enjoyed following your blog. I particularly admire your photographs and your determination to continue despite difficulties. Well done indeed!

  2. hi- hope you had a good day and made it across the wash ok. There is a chap called Johnfon ukrivers website asking if you made it ok.

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I was tempted to rest today as I was tired and the forecast looked borderline, but it was a tailwind and the Donna Nook range was closed for the weekend … so I went for a paddle.

After trollying the boat back across Withernsea, it was a bit of a tricky launch – I had to wait for a few sets of waves before picking my moment.

Conditions were lively, but the Taran was flying along and I arrived at Spurn Head about an hour earlier than planned.  I managed to dodge the tankers crossing the Humber, but there were also some worryingly heavy breaking waves to dodge as I reached shallower water a few miles from the south shore.

I continued south, staying out in the deeper water until near Mablethorpe where I surfed into the beach and over a sand bar to land in calm water – a good end to the day.


Much stronger winds are forecast for tomorrow, so I’ll be enjoying a rest day camped in the dunes.  Hope the tent survives !

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  1. You are incredible. We keep watching your progress, it brings many memories back, but I am not sure we would be able to keep going for as long as you do. So, please, keep going till the finishing line. The east coast was pretty tough for us, but you seem to be flying. Great!

    There was a very nice cafe in one of the back street of Mablethorpe, with great home cooked food and very cheap pints, it is still in my memory.

    Amazing journey, amazing you.

  2. We bumped into you while walking our cocker spaniel at Crook Bank yesterday. You tent was sheltered from the north west wind on the edge of the dunes between Crook Bank, Theddlethorpe and North End, Mablethorpe. There are some good walks in the dunes and salt marsh all the way from North End to Saltfleetby and it is a SSSI run by Natural England. We hope the rest of your journey goes well and we’ll be watching the blog.

  3. Not long now Guy! Very impressive that you have stuck with it through all these weeks. Enjoy the last few miles. A wonderful achievement.

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  1. You started on page 49 of my atlas, you reached 112 and now you’re on page 59, the result of well over 2000 nautical miles, and the map of Britain on the kitchen wall looks impressive, so it’s no wonder you’re cold and tired. (I do appreciate turning over the pages of the atlas is the easy bit!) Just hope the weather is kind to you, and then it will only be a few more days before you can give yourself a massive pat on the back.
    Much love, Darling – Mum x

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Gannets circling overhead.

I left Robin Hood’s Bay this morning in misty conditions that continued for most of the day.
Passengers on a pleasure boat cheered and waved as I passed Scarborough.  I had just enough  time to get round Flamborough Head and stop at the south landing before it was dark.

I was feeling pretty tired and hungry by the time I arrived,
but fortunately some people on the beach helped me get my boat up the beach, and gave me some bread, cheese and cake.  Brilliant -Thanks !

Also, thanks to John P. for the generous donation – much appreciated!

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  1. Hi Guy,
    we met this morning, as you headed down the hill at RHB. A privelege to meet you, and the very best of luck. I came back to the slipway to photograph you as you left, but you were long gone. And you made it to Flamborough. Great stuff. I wil lbe checking your site for the finish so soon, keep it going sir!

    Best wishes, Nick

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Robin Hood’s Bay

Sunrise again (sorry!)

Yesterday started with another beautiful sunrise at Redcar, and calm conditions.  Much of the day was spent paddling past cliffs with few places to stop, feeling quite exposed on the section after Whitby.

Waterspout (decaying by the time I'd grabbed my camera)

By the time I turned into Robin Hood’s Bay, a change in the weather was marked by a strong squall, loud thunder, and a waterspout (I didn’t know those happened here).  A good time to get off the water !

Quite a struggle towing the laden boat up the slipway and uphill to a campsite, but worth it for a hot shower.  Today it is blowing a gale, so I’m going to be resting for a day or two.

(Thanks very much to Tim & Midori and Steve & Steph for your generous donations)

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