It is definitely an island !


The spring tide this morning sneaked round behind my tent (as I was camped on a salt marsh) and was lapping up against the guy lines as I was packing away.

I left early in the ebb which meant I was having to paddle against the tide as I crossed The Wash, but this allowed me to reach the start of the Lynn Channel near low water, so I could make good use of the flood going up the river – I was going upstream at up to 8 knots !

As I passed King’s Lynn, I paddled under a bridge for the first time since March.  It’s quite strange to be back on the river again.  I stopped at Denver Sluice where I portaged onto the non-tidal river.  I’m now lying in my tent listening to owls, but I can’t hear the sea anymore.  Very pleased to have made it, but also a little bit sad that this wonderful journey is coming to an end.

Thanks to everyone that donated today – brilliant !

I’ll be arriving back where I started – at the mill pond in Cambridge – at 3pm on Sunday.  Come join me for a drink in The Mill to celebrate.

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  1. Simply wonderful Guy. Met you outside the harbourmasters cottage at Felixstowe Ferry when you had been stranded there by continuous strong raw easterlies when your journey had barely started. Great stuff.

  2. Wow! Congratulations!!! I can’t believe this (crazy) journey has come to an end! Also~congratulations on making it past the 6 month mark, to “get into the rhythm of it.” 🙂 What a brilliant adventure you have been on! I wonder what it will be like to settle back into “civilization” now. Keep a blog on that. 🙂 Well done–what a remarkable feat! Lots of love, Shana

  3. Dear Guy, we met when you arrived at Budleigh all those months ago- many congratulations on the completion of a huge achievement! We have enjoyed following your blog and will rather miss checking to see your progress. Well done you!
    Steve and Sonia

  4. Congratulations. I am Jane Morton’s Mum, of Jane and Andy double sea kayak fame. They finished their circumnavigation on 26th August and since then I’ve been following your progress down the east coast. Well Done !!!

  5. Congratulations Guy! I met you at Blakeney, not long after you started and have been following your adventure since. I was hoping to see you paddle past King’s Lynn, but wasn’t able to. Well done for raising so much money for such great causes. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, it’s been very inspiring and I hope to do a similar expedition soon!
    All the best. George

  6. Well, Guy,

    as from tomorrow you are and can call yourself a FOUR SEASON PADDLER.

    Great journey, congratulations. Enjoy the last moments of it, they are special, as soon they would be gone.
    But then, lots of other will come.

  7. Well done seafarer first class. Time has flown since we checked you out in Offshore Response off the North Wales Windfarms. Amazing effort. Have enjoyed following your progress.

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