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  1. Hello Guy, I’m a sea kayaker based at Eyemouth, East Coast of Scotland.
    I saw your expedition come up on the UK rivers guide re the RNLI visit.
    I will definetly be following your trip now and am full of admiration for your courage and tenacity to attempt such an adventure at this time of year. Camping must be difficult. Please take your time and remember its better to be on the beach saying I’m glad that I’m not out there than being in a maelstrom on the sea wishing you had stayed on the beach.
    Good luck, Bob

    • Thanks Bob. I’ll keep that in mind. Sounds like the adage I often hear when paragliding:
      “Better to be down here wishing you were up there than up there wishing you were down here.”
      Maybe this one also translates: “There are old paddlers and bold paddlers”.



  2. Dear Guy,
    we just thought we’d drop you a quick note as we’ve been following your progress since you set off. How’s it going? You’ve had to contend with some pretty appalling weather. Hope it warms up for you soon.

    Best wishes,
    Jane & Andy Morton.

    • Hi Jane and Andy,

      Its been going slowly, so I’m glad I’m not in a hurry. Maybe March is a bit early in the year!
      I was hoping to be in the southwest by the time you set off, but now I think I’ll be lucky if I even get past the Thames by then!



  3. Jane Morton and Andy just passed through here (Ballycastle North Antrim Coast – Fairhead) and said to follow your progress. A couple of us are thinking of ways we might be able to host you if your travels bring you to our side of the North Channel – we’ll be in touch again very soon – for now, you are really motoring – doing a great job – hope the weather is kind to you — best wishes from us in Northern Ireland.

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