I was tempted to rest today as I was tired and the forecast looked borderline, but it was a tailwind and the Donna Nook range was closed for the weekend … so I went for a paddle.

After trollying the boat back across Withernsea, it was a bit of a tricky launch – I had to wait for a few sets of waves before picking my moment.

Conditions were lively, but the Taran was flying along and I arrived at Spurn Head about an hour earlier than planned.  I managed to dodge the tankers crossing the Humber, but there were also some worryingly heavy breaking waves to dodge as I reached shallower water a few miles from the south shore.

I continued south, staying out in the deeper water until near Mablethorpe where I surfed into the beach and over a sand bar to land in calm water – a good end to the day.


Much stronger winds are forecast for tomorrow, so I’ll be enjoying a rest day camped in the dunes.  Hope the tent survives !

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  1. You are incredible. We keep watching your progress, it brings many memories back, but I am not sure we would be able to keep going for as long as you do. So, please, keep going till the finishing line. The east coast was pretty tough for us, but you seem to be flying. Great!

    There was a very nice cafe in one of the back street of Mablethorpe, with great home cooked food and very cheap pints, it is still in my memory.

    Amazing journey, amazing you.

  2. We bumped into you while walking our cocker spaniel at Crook Bank yesterday. You tent was sheltered from the north west wind on the edge of the dunes between Crook Bank, Theddlethorpe and North End, Mablethorpe. There are some good walks in the dunes and salt marsh all the way from North End to Saltfleetby and it is a SSSI run by Natural England. We hope the rest of your journey goes well and we’ll be watching the blog.

  3. Not long now Guy! Very impressive that you have stuck with it through all these weeks. Enjoy the last few miles. A wonderful achievement.

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