Gibraltar Point


Day 200 (!) … After sheltering in the dunes at Mablethorpe during several days of gales, the wind dropped a bit today and I paddled to Gibraltar Point, just south of Skegness.

There was still a pretty strong crosswind while paddling today and I had to keep the boat pointed towards the beach all the way to avoid being blown too far offshore.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more of this trip left.¬† I’m now in a good position to cross The Wash to rejoin the river at King’s Lynn, although I’m not sure I want to do that during the headwind forecast for tomorrow.

(Thanks very much to the Kirkwood family for the latest donation – much appreciated).

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  1. I expect you will be very sad to actually finish your fantastic trip, just as Andy & Jane were…BUT it is a fantastic thing you have done! I have really enjoyed following your blog. I particularly admire your photographs and your determination to continue despite difficulties. Well done indeed!

  2. hi- hope you had a good day and made it across the wash ok. There is a chap called Johnfon ukrivers website asking if you made it ok.

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