Yesterday, I paddled from Cruden Bay, down to Aberdeen.  The visibility was pretty poor so I could barely see the shore for most of the way, but I had a large number of seals following me for company.

I camped at Nigg Bay, which wasn’t the best place really – I had to land in seaweed laden dumping surf, camped on some waste ground next to the sewage works, and launching this morning involved climbing over lots of large slippery boulders.  Not recommended !


Today, the visibility was even worse – I hardly saw the shore at all.  There was also some swell and a bit of a headwind but the spring tide was helping nicely.

I had a couple of surprises – one when a fishing boat suddenly emerged from the mist and another when an unusually large breaking wave appeared in front of me – fortunately, I managed to miss both of them.

The mist cleared as I arrived at Inverbervie, and I managed to avoid the surf dumping on the steep pebble beach by surfing right into the river mouth.  I stopped for the night at a friendly campsite right on the riverbank.  Perfect.

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  1. Hi guy, met you today in Inverbervie. Giving you a hand with your gear was the least we could do for someone who is a true inspiration. Myself and my family would like to wish you all the best for your journey ahead. I look forward to reading your blog as you get ever closer to home. Safe journey

    Chic Whitelaw

  2. Hi Guy, I met you at the entrance to Aberdeen Harbour – I was paddling north in my orange Rockpool – Shame about Nigg bay, especially as there are some great wee beaches a few miles further down but thats life!

    One day there will be a list of all the best (& worst) camping spots around the UK. The day after we met I headed over to Ullapool for some paddling & had a week of sunshine – unfortunately you didnt quite get the same on the east coast.

    Looking at your map its clearly all downhill now …..

    • Hi Graham,

      I should have asked you for camping suggestions, but I didn’t think of that until just after we’d finished chatting.
      Oh well, I think I was too tired to go much further that day anyway !



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