Calm water and low cloud at South Stack

I made an early start today to catch the tide – up at 3am and on the water by 5.30.  It’s near spring tides, which helped a lot, and I had a bit of a breeze behind me so the miles went by quickly.

It was a bit bumpy at Penrwn Mawr, but otherwise all very calm.  I passed just outside the mouse islands on the north coast of Anglesey which seemed to work well, and once I reached Point Lynas, I crossed directly to Great Ormes Head.

By midday, I’d covered 35NM and stopped at Llandudno after 40NM as the tide turned against me.

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  1. Hi there. I am the skipper of offshore response, the vessel that enquired as to your well being at 1100 hrs off Llandulas, Rhyl Flats Windfarm (26/7/13) Hope you arrived at Formby safe and sound. Good luck for the rest of your voyage!!

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