Aberdesach …


After spending a week at Porth Ceiriad – partly due to bad weather, but also to give my wrists and shoulders some time to recover – I was glad to be paddling again.  A wave took my hat as I was leaving the beach so I spent some time in the surf retrieving it.


It was a very calm day, even in Bardsey Sound.  I kept paddling until quite late, stopping about five miles south of Abermenai Point, so I should be able to make it to Anglesey tomorrow.


(Thanks to everyone who has donated recently – sorry for the delay in comments appearing – I need to clear the backlog of comment spam.)

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  1. Guy you should use the Akismet spam filter for WordPress. It really does get rid of a tonne of spam. You get an API key from their website which is free and enter it into the plugin and that’s it. It auto deletes spam if you want it to and is 99.89% accurate at not delete legit comments.

    I’m following your travels with great interest. All the best.


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