Day 100: Abersoch


Yesterday, I paddled up from New Quay to camp in the dunes at Aberdovey.  A nice paddle past interesting looking cliffs and over clear jellyfish-filled water.

I arrived at Aberdovey at dusk and was only there for a few hours – away with the next tide, trying to make the most off this good weather while it lasts.

Today, I crossed over to the Lleyn peninsula, stopping on a beach near Abersoch.  I was surprised to find the water was only about 6ft deep at one point when I was miles from shore – a tiny sand bank.

It’s tempting to push on towards Anglesey tomorrow, but the forecast doesn’t look too promising and a rest will be good for my wrists.

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  1. Hi Guy hope you enjoyed the packed lunch I left you, fingers crossed u got away today, don’t forget iam only a phone call away as you travel up past Anglesey and the Wirral mob:0796________ take care and good luck:-)!!!!

  2. Dear Guy,

    thought we’d touch base with you. We’re coming back towards you now!! Crossing over to Scotland tomorrow. I hope you’ve had as wonderful weather as we have the past couple of weeks and been able to enjoy the paddling. (?) The West coast of Ireland has been very kind to us and we’ve even enjoyed rock hopping and paddling through numerous caves and arches with stunning landscapes. We met sea kayakers Justine, Barry and Roger on Mutton Island a couple of weeks ago by chance and paddled with them up to the top so have been having quite a sociable time! I (Jane) have had a bit of a shoulder niggle on and off. How are you fairing? We noticed poor Lee Pooley from AB4B has had to stop – what a shame. I hope all is ok with you. I take it you were fine without assistance from A ndy’s parents – even beyond them I am sure they will be happy to help if you need them. All the very best and we really hope we might be able to see you up in Scotland. Well done and happy paddling! 🙂

  3. I take it all back Guy, you are still hanging in there, very impressive. I have just come back from five days camping on Sandwood Bay, good camping on the northside where the river comes in, although we camped just below the dunes. 8 miles short of Cape Wrath, and a good place to assess the sea conditions around the cape.

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