At Lantic Bay …


I enjoyed covering some distance yesterday – the Taran was flying along with the wind behind me most of the way.  Passing Burgh Island, then Great Mew Stone and paddling past Plymouth by crossing directly to Rame Head.

After a bit of tanker dodging,  I arrived at Rame head and continued due west into Cornwall to keep south of the Tregantle Range.

Conditions became more difficult later on with some larger breaking waves turning the kayak off course.  I even started to worry that the helicopter overhead for a while was watching me, but was more likely something to do with the Hawks doing some impressive low flying nearby.

I was quite relieved to turn into the sheltered calm of Lantic Bay – a jaw-dropingly beautiful place to stop.


Conditions here are spectacularly worse today, and forecast to worsen, so I could be here for a while, but I’m quite happy to rest here for as long as it takes until the weather improves.

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  1. Dear Guy, we’re so pleased you’ve landed yourself at Lantic By as it’s one of our favourite camp spots!! (We can just about get there in a day from home.) Just beyond the rocks at the west side of the bay look out for the Maidenhare (sp?) fern – very rare in the UK and one of the only spots of it in the country.

    You’re doing really well and we’re impressed with your progress, loving your blogs and photos. In the meantime, we’re windbound again in Ireland – so relieved to have had the window we did to cross St. Georges channel on May 1st and loving Ireland so far. Don’t think we’ll be moving for a few days but enjoying ourselves on the shore nonetheless. Stormy seas out! x

    • Hi Jane and Andy,

      Well done on the Ireland crossing – that sounded like a long day ! Impressive stuff.

      I haven’t found the maidenhair fern yet – I’ll have to have another look when the tide is out.

      All the best,


  2. doing OK mate it has brightened up a bit (not a lot) keep safe remember when in doubt stay on shore all the best neil + judy+ theo

  3. We met you at Lantic Bay; hope that the weather has improved at that you have resumed your journey. Very best of luck.
    Peter & Kirsten

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