Some good weather !


I left Newhaven this morning and made good progress initially with the wind and tide behind me.
Most days on the water so far, I’ve seen a single porpoise – it’s easy to  imagine that it’s the same one following me round.

After passing Brighton and Worthing, the wind changed, the tide turned and I slowed down.  I stopped near Littlehampton, feeling pretty tired and thirsty as I’d run out of water.

I spoke to a nice couple on the beach, and asked then if they knew where I could find a tap.  A few minutes later, they returned with a bag full of water bottles and mars bars.  Brilliant – thanks Sandra and Paul !

It’s great to finally have some warm weather, and I enjoyed cooking supper barefoot in the evening sunshine.  While I was eating, I noticed a jet-ski in the distance, and I just as I was thinking they must have turned their engine off to appreciate the tranquillity, an RNLI rib arrived to give them a tow.


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