Past Beachy Head


The wind dropped this afternoon, and I had a lovely paddle from Norman’s Bay to Newhaven.  This meant paddling against the (neap) tide, giving me plenty of time to admire the cliffs and cumulus filled sky.

There was a bit of swell, so I landed behind the shelter of the Newhaven harbour wall.  This is the steepest beach yet – with the bow of the Taran on the beach, I stepped out to find that I was still out off my depth.  Oops.

3 Replies to “Past Beachy Head”

  1. Wow Guy you’ve made some great progress since I last checked in. Hopefully now you will start getting some better weather. Well done, I’m enjoying following your progress 🙂

  2. Hi guy was interesting meeting you and speaking to you yesterday about your adventure, my bike ride was good but no where near as intense as what your doing good luck hope this weather stays with you!

    from jake the one on the white bike. haha

  3. Hello Guy.

    It was great to meet you this afternoon as we were walking along the beach in the lovely sunshine between Littlehampton and Climping.
    We hope the water and Mars Bars helped to keep you going for a little while.
    We would like to wish very good luck with your fund raising and a safe journey.

    Kind regards,

    Sandra & Paul (from Rustington)

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