Robin Hood’s Bay

Sunrise again (sorry!)

Yesterday started with another beautiful sunrise at Redcar, and calm conditions.  Much of the day was spent paddling past cliffs with few places to stop, feeling quite exposed on the section after Whitby.

Waterspout (decaying by the time I'd grabbed my camera)

By the time I turned into Robin Hood’s Bay, a change in the weather was marked by a strong squall, loud thunder, and a waterspout (I didn’t know those happened here).  A good time to get off the water !

Quite a struggle towing the laden boat up the slipway and uphill to a campsite, but worth it for a hot shower.  Today it is blowing a gale, so I’m going to be resting for a day or two.

(Thanks very much to Tim & Midori and Steve & Steph for your generous donations)

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