Embleton Bay


There were very strong winds over the weekend and I stayed on the beach, but today it was much calmer and there was a beautiful sunrise.


Except for a coupler of squalls, it was mostly calm on the water.  A couple of porpoises popped up when I stopped for lunch.  I landed on a lovely beach in  Embleton Bay with great views of Dunstanburgh Castle.

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  1. Wow! Just seen you paddle past us just south of Amble. Took us a while to work out that it was you, I chased after you once had got enough Internet access, but you were long gone! Had a quick look at the blog and truly looks awesome! Wish we’d shouted well done and keep it up! Fingers crossed for more good weather. Off to look for those poirpoise now! Clare

  2. Hi Guy, we met you on the beach at Embleton. been to the shop and bought you some razors!! We walked down to the beach the next morning and saw you rowing off in the distance. Good Luck with your mighty quest. The RNLI is a cause close to our hearts as we have a brother in law at sea and he has raised funds for them in the past. Looking forward to seeing you on the One Show!

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