Sinclair’s Bay

Duncansby Head

The best weather for going through the Pentland Firth was Wednesday, but the tides meant either a very early start or a very late arrival – I opted for the latter.


The calm weather and my passing through very early in the flood meant the conditions were very calm – nothing like everyone had warned me about.


I paddled under incredible looking cliffs as the sun set, and arrived at Sinclair’s Bay just add the last of the light was fading from the sky.

Dawn at Sinclair's Bay

Yesterday, I took a day of to rest after rushing across the north coast.   It wasn’t totally relaxing though, as there wasn’t enough beach and the tide came within less than 6 feet of my tent.  Time to start the long paddle south.

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  1. Well done, Guy – you’ve rounded the corner and now on the east coast, so it’s downhill all the way to Cambridge. I can taste the champagne already!
    Much love, Mum x

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