Past Cape Wrath !

The beach at Camas Mor

It’s been hard to find a signal, so I haven’t updated this for a while.
I’ve covered some distance to try and make good use of the settled weather.

After Camas Mor beach, I paddled in more calm weather past Greenstone Point, and on past the outside of the Summer Isles.

The Summer Isles

It looked sunny on the Summer Isles, but rainy further inshore.  I continued to Clachtoll where I stayed at the friendly campsite right by the beach.  The next day, the wind was stronger but behind me so I pressed on northwards.

Sandwood Bay

Conditions seemed choppy after so much calm weather, especially approaching the Point of Stoer and as I passed Handa Island, making it exhausting and hard to rest on the water, so I was glad to arrive in the shelter of beautiful Sandwood Bay.

Yesterday was another calm day, so I paddled round Cape Wrath. I timed it to go round near the start of the flood and it was nice and calm.

Cape Wrath

I stopped at Durness where I’m enjoying a rest today rather than battle a headwind.  Looking at the forecast, I may stay here for a few days, but I can’t complain about the weather after being able to paddle every day I wanted to while on the west coast of Scotland.

5 Replies to “Past Cape Wrath !”

  1. Slater man,

    Emily just told me you were sailing a luxury yacht around the Isle of man or something for charity. Well done old chap. Are you enjoying yourself?


  2. Hi Guy,
    I meet you yesterday morning at Sandwood bay with my partner Fran (I was the one who attempted to swim but it was freezing!!), we’re now back in London but i wish I was camping on the coast! best of luck for the rest of the journey,

  3. Wow Guy you are doing brilliantly – the photos are great, take me back to all my childhood holidays in Scotland – All the best 🙂

  4. Hi Guy! We thought of you as we crossed The Wash and past Kings Lynn the other day. You’ve certainly been an inspiration to us both on our trip and your determination is just incredible. You are so close now and it will end all too soon. We’re beginning to wonder how we will cope going back to ‘normal life’. Good luck with your homeward stretch & thank you for such a brilliant blog – we’ve loved following whenever we can. Best wishes, Jane & Andy Morton.

    • Thanks !! The Wash already – you’ve made some excellent progress. I meet someone near Gairloch who said he had met you earlier on your trip – said you’d just crossed back from Ireland and had paddled over to chat with him while he was becalmed in his yacht. Small world (but a big coastline).

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