Harlosh Island


The moon was almost full last night, and the tide was strong today, helping me along the Skye coast up from Glenbrittle.

We met a cool family at Glenbrittle¬† – Sean, Ingrid and Kate – who are paddling round Skye and suggested camping on this island.¬† Thanks – it’s a lovely spot.

After two amazing weeks, Shana has gone back today – it’s not easy to return to solitude after enjoying her company so much.

The settled weather is continuing, so I should be able to make some more progress around Skye over the next few days.

4 Replies to “Harlosh Island”

  1. Happy Birthday Guy!!! Hope you’re not too lonely now Shana’s gone back, & will still manage to celebrate in style. Hope it’s cooler and less thunder-&-lightningy up there than it is down here in Cambridge. Jo x

  2. Hi Guy!
    Glad you found Harlosh Island. Sounds like an amazing paddle around Waternish and Rubha Hunish. We had to go home and get the car fixed during that lovely calm weather (and they couldn’t fix it!) Good luck with the next stage. Weather still looking good for the next couple of days. Great meeting you two. Remember you’re welcome to crash at ours if you need a break or repairs while you’re on the west coast

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