Mull of Kintyre


My girlfriend has come to visit and we spent a lovely couple of days on the beach at Ballantrae – swimming in the sea and warming up and cooking by a fire made from the plentiful dry driftwood.

Yesterday, I crossed from Ballantrae to the Mull of Kintyre.  It was a bit hazy so I was out of sight of land for most of the way (although I could just make out the top of Ailsa Craig as I passed within about 8 miles of it).

Conditions were so calm that at one point, the only ripples I could see on the water were from where insects were landing.

Eventually, Sanda Island came into view and I landed on the beach near Southend.  A long crossing, but it had taken Shana almost as long to drive the long way round.

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  1. Met with your mother on Tuesday. We are now staying with friends on Arran for the weekend. We will wave in the direction of Campbelltown on Saturday to wish you well for the rest of your adventure. Kind regards Cliff & Chris

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