Abereiddy Bay


My wrists were a bit swollen after the crossing from Lundy, so I took a day off at Milford Haven, and sat on the beach eating and even went for a (cold) swim the sea.

Yesterday, I had a gentle paddle round to Abereiddy Bay.  The tide was helping a lot as I floated past the beautiful puffin infested coastline – I was doing 9 knots through Ramsey Sound at one point while hardly paddling.

I stopped to camp on the beach at Abereiddy Bay, and this morning have just paddled round to Porthgain for breakfast in a pub while I wait for the tide.  Now going to go round Strumble Head and into Fishguard to stock up as I’ve eaten all my food again.

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  1. Have been away for a few weeks and woosh you are motoring ahead – glad you are finally getting some good weather. Best wishes 🙂

  2. Hi Guy, hope kayaking is going well? I see you met up with my friends at seakayaking cornwall when you were in their neck of the woods? I did the UK circumnavigation last year and have now moved up to Newcastle and live next to the beach at Longsands, Tynemouth. If you are passing and need a warm bed / beer / food / storage or whatever you fancy then let me know (or a paddling partner for the day if I’m not at work) and I will sort it. Best wishes. Martin

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks very much for the offer. Yes, SKC took good care of me. I enjoyed your blog last year, and recently saw your entry on the Lundy book.



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