Bit of a cold snap …


Spring definitely isn’t here yet.  It’s not that cold, but the windchill is so bracing.  I expect I’ll be here for a while as this strong easterly continues …

(Thanks to everyone who has donated recently – it is helping keep me motivated!)

9 Replies to “Bit of a cold snap …”

  1. Hang in there Guy, nobody said it would be easy!

    Life’s a bitch, and the there is the East coast.The sunny days will come; just relax and be ready to go when things are better. It will come and it will be worth the wait…

  2. Thinking of you Guy ! Must be tough keeping warm in this weather.
    Hope you manage to see amazing things despite the poor conditions….one day at a time !

  3. Keep up the good work! It looks like tough going with this horrible waether, I am sure it will get easier once Spring arrived. Enjoy your trip and let me know if you need help on, or around Anglesey. Marcus

  4. Great effort Guy – hope you’re ok. Even ‘sunny’ Devon is having tiny snow flurries today, so no doubt it’s very cold where you are too!
    Thanks so much for what you’re doing. We’ve already had over £100 in directly from your Virgin Money page, and we really appreciate your support. All the best for now, Naomi (FORCE Cancer Charity Fundraising)

  5. Well done Guy! Keep going and I’m sure the weather will change soon. What a fantastic thing to do – I look forward to following your progress while I’m stuck behind my desk. All the best with the rest of the trip

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