Further south …


Yesterday, I paddled south from California to Kessingland.  I was aiming for Southwold (with a thirst for Adnam’s), but after the usual  later-than-planned start, and having to spend a fair amount of time zig-zagging to avoid areas of breaking waves, I went for plan B and landed a bit south of Lowestoft.

Today, I had a day off as the sea looked even less inviting than the forecast suggested (and my hands needed a rest).  All this paddling and the cold had given me quite an appetite, so I have spent most my time here eating in my tent – only taking a break to go to the pub for a meal.

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  1. Hope you make the most of today (Thursday) as it looks like a frewsh to strong ESE’ly for 2 to 3 days from Friday morning onwards.

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