On my way …

After some delays, I’ve finally set off. As I haven’t done any training this year, I’m taking it easy – I’ve been enjoying warm days paddling down the Cam and Ouse – paddling in a T-shirt yesterday. However, the nights have been pretty cold (as shown by the frost on my boat !)


Portaging round locks had been hard work as this requires emptying the boat before I can lift it out of the water. I’m currently waiting for the tide on the river near King’s Lynn, which should give me a bit of a boost as I paddle out into The Wash …

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  1. Wow Guy…respect to you for such an early season start !
    I wish you all the best for your trip and favorable wind and weather.
    Will be following your progress.
    Steve Porter.

  2. Hi Guy…can’t you get someone to lend you a portage trolley so that you don’t have to unpack your boat at every lock-gate…it does make things a lot easier…some of them pack down pretty small.

    • Hi Steve,

      I do have a trolley, but it didn’t help much getting the boat out at high walled banks, through deep mud, or over lumpy flood banks.
      At least I won’t have to worry about those doing those portages again for a very long time.



  3. Glad the first stages have gone well Guy, hope you managed to catch up on your sleep! Good luck embarking on the epic sea journey proper; still awed by (and somewhat jealous of) your adventurous mad undertaking. Hope to meet up with you further round the coast. Jo x

  4. Better than a day in the office ! All the best and enjoy’, I look forward to following your progress 🙂

  5. Good luck Guy! Bloody brave leaving this time of year! Stay warm and safe.

    Let me know when you get to Cornwall – there’s a warm bed and hot meal for you.

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